Monday, November 1, 2010

Narayana Advaitananda Lahari

Written on 30th Oct-1st Nov 2010


This poem is actually written only to dedicate it as a small gift to Lakshmi-Narayana with my love.
They have pleased my heart beyond the limits hence i felt to express my gratitude through this poem and offer it to them. Now if you haven't read Topic no. 16 on my another blog already, then i would request you to read that first. There you would know what kind of love and grace this divine couple, who are my parents, have showered on me. If they, being the parents of the entire universe, shower their unlimited love on this insignificant son of sinful deeds, then how could my heart stop from singing their glories? How could my fingers stop from expressing my heart's feelings in words? Once the Topic no. 16 is read, you can start reading this Stotram/hymn which is composed as a gift from me to my divine parents.

Note that, this Stotram is narrated by them, and only my fingers became the instrument to type the same. So, if you liked even a single word/sentence from this; all credits to that divine parents of mine. But if you felt it is bad and ugly, all brickbats should be mine..!!


O Protector of the fourteen worlds, Sriman Narayana!
You are the supreme king of that entire kingdom
Kindly accept my prostrations and bless me with
The poetic skills for this hymn and related wisdom

नारायण अद्वैतानन्द लहरि
Narayana Advaitananda Lahari

Madhusudana! How should I begin with describing you?
You're known as the father of the universe, and are infinitely kind.
Will I be able to describe your nature, within my limited words,
Even if I dedicate truly; my heart, soul, focus and mind? [1]

You are the kindest, and foremost among the merciful,
I'm famous as a fallen soul, and foremost among the sinners.
You decide my lord! Who requires your mercy, is it I, or they-
Who battled against their senses, and emerged as the winners? [2]

Do you behold anyone, a better witnesser than me,
Of your divine love and direct grace, O Narayana?
How could you remain so loving, for someone like me,
Who has neither learned Vedas nor even read Ramayana? [3]

Earnestly, my devotion isn't equal to that of the Vaishnavas,
And inadvertently I soiled my hands, in many sins and crimes.
But you, O my caring father; hugged me in your temple,
For which I offer you my love, projecting as this rhyme. [4]

Adi Shankara helped me mend, my duality centric mind,
And erased all words of dispute, with his uncanny grace.
And I felt the same taste of, mother Parvati's affection,
From the liquid maternal love, in mother Lakshmi's embrace. [5]

Rarely history would have seen, such a divine incident,
Where you pulled someone, deep inside the temple room.
And filling the subject, with overwhelming devotion,
Persuaded him to hug your Idol, and erased all his gloom. [6]

Purushottama! How do I comprehend your actions, when,
There're your true devotees, starving to get your grace.
And you're emptying your fatherly love, on this infant of yours,
By hugging him to your chest, in your protective embrace. [7]

Although one might not believe it, as something true; my Lord!
And could rule it out simply, as just an incident by chance!
Would the world believe me, if I reveal them the secret,
That it happened twice alike, and solely under your trance? [8]

Really my Lord!, your benevolence is truly indescribable,
Hence even your close associates, fail to sing your glories.
Already when great poets have, narrated your glorious tales,
I'm neither interested nor skilled, to repeat the same stories. [9]

Every story of yours O lord! Is just not some glorifying tale,
You being a universal teacher, your stories actually preach.
O Sire! I'm desirous, of narrating my learning, back to you,
Forgive me for overconfidence, since you're beyond my reach. [10]

Narayana! You slayed your cerumen born son, of evil nature,
Who assaulted to kill, your navel born son, of noble deeds.
This unprejudiced act tells that, you supported the righteous,
Even when you had to choose, one between your own seeds. [11]

The nature projects a mother, more tender than the father,
And my mother Earth is maternally, the kindest of all mothers.
But when mother Prithvi herself, became heartless for her children,
You as king Prithu restored their lives, by milking her udders. [12]

Some ignorant men say, you reside far above in Vaikuntha,
And you descend on Earth, only when righteousness decline.
But my dear Lord Vishnu! You're always present near us,
Wouldn't you agree, O Sire! With this thought of mine? [13]

Licking and loving her newborn calf, when a caring mother cow,
Stands near her infant, with udders full of maternal affection.
How does that calf self-propel, towards her source of food,
If it wasn't your presence, doing sustenance with perfection? [14]

All creatures need a teacher, to teach them ways of life,
But how do on their own, they master the art of procreation?
Aren't you yourself spread everywhere, as desire and passion,
Dutifully doing your task of maintenance, of Brahma's creation? [15]

Keeping himself in your refuge, when Gajendra cried for help,
You attended to his call, to free him from the crocodile.
Till the time one uses his own valor, you witness silently,
But once surrendered to your feet, you don't waste a while. [16]

Surely, you could have saved Gajendra, right from your abode,
What was the need to attend personally, O omnipotent lord?
Was it not your paternal affection, O father of the universe,
That made you dismiss as a father, your prestige of being a God? [17]

Hindu scriptures say that, you sleep on a bed of snake,
Hence you got an attribute, 'Sesha Saayi' for your name.
Post the deluge prior to the recreation, when you appear-
Sleeping on the leftovers; beautifully your title still remains the same. [18]

Madhusudana! Why do you keep your hands, always engaged,
In holding that heavy mace, conch and spinning your disc?
Isn't it Just to remain geared up, to save your devotees always?
You happily bear the pain yourself, but can't see your child at risk! [19]

Indra remains busy in enjoying, the dance of lovely damsels,
Brahma creates and sits idle, handing over the cosmos to you.
Rudra gives a special appearance, only at the time of deluge,
You've alone to maintain fourteen worlds, not just one or two. [20]

Never in history you ever erred, in saving your children on time,
Running across the worlds in person, what did you finally gain?
Even at home while resting, you keep your hands engaged,
My mother; pitying on you, presses your feet, and removes pain. [21]

All time abode of my mother, is your Srivatsa, O Sripati!
By carrying her on your bosom, you show her your reverence.
You silently teach the world that, wife is an object of veneration,
And when it comes to ideality, we can cite your reference! [22]

Really you work towards the, upliftment of the righteousness,
In order to accomplish your duty, you develop diverse forms.
You incarnate yourself for executing, your tasks and missions,
And seldom step back while facing, missiles or even storms. [23]

Assuming the form of a fish, you saved the sacred Vedas,
And you saved all creatures, sailing them through the stormy deluge.
You taught that, only knowledge is the ultimate treasure,
With which one can sail to salvation, being under your refuge. [24]

You assumed the form of a turtle, to support the churning staff,
With that action of yours, you taught the world a moral.
For those who attempt to churn, their ocean of ignorance,
You carry all their burdens on you, and support their morale. [25]

As an enchanting damsel Mohini, you deluded the demons,
And you yourself fed deities, with the nectar of immortality.
This teaches that, for the devotees of righteous conduct,
You'd feed them the milk of wisdom, liberating them from plurality. [26]

Narayana! You as the boar Varaha, killed that mighty demon,
Who hid the Earth somewhere, deep inside the cosmic waters.
You dived deep inside the dark region, blissfully for us,
And lifting the Earth on your tusks, restored her back in her quarters. [27]

All pervading Sri Varaha, O my great benevolent lord!
I'm also drowned inside the ocean, of heinous sins and crime.
I surrender myself to you my father!, and readily confess that,
All my sins are diverse, among which anger and lust are the prime. [28]

Though involuntarily I get pulled inside, this quicksand of sins,
Yet I desire to trace backwards, to become a sacred soul.
For this only pious desire, which germinated in my heart,
Would you kindly come to lift me up, and help me reach my goal? [29]

How beautifully you protected, your loving kid Prahalada!,
You saved him numerous times, but remaining at the backstage.
When you finally showed up yourself, you showed up as a beast,
And torn his father Hiranyakashyap, in your heights of rage. [30]

In this entire cosmos, didn't you find any mother, my Lord!,
That you chose for your birthplace, that concrete pillar's womb?
Wasn't it just for the faith of that kid, who beheld you there inside,
That, you came out of that Pillar in real, and took his father to doom? [31]

SriHari! How you spanned, the three worlds in three steps,
Isn't at all amazing to me, since I know you as all pervading.
You instantly accepted Ratna's desires, and liberated her as Putna,
This teaches us that, you're non-judgmental and non-grading. [32]

In scriptures you're called as, a devoted son of your father,
For having beheaded your mother, on your sire's orders.
But your pledge displays equal devotion, for mother Renuka,
To wipe off the Kings twenty one times, in and across borders. [33]

Nevertheless, they've resurrected again, in the form of- anger,
greed, infatuation, jealously, ego, pride, arrogance, and Kama.
And rudeness,cruelty, attachment, temptation, birth, hunger,
thirst, youth, old age, agony, suffering, death and Karma. [34]

For they; the evil kings, who sprouted within my core,
And brutally ravishing all my virtues, grew like inundation.
O Rama! The ace axe fighter, would you kindly reinstate,
All my lost virtues, and kill vices with the same indignation? [35]

Achyuta! What can I speak about your form, of SriRamachandra,
Whose all actions were, eternal teachings personified!
Would my lifespan suffice to discuss, your glories as Daasaradhi,
Which are sweeter than ambrosia, divine and bonafide? [36]

Narayana! O Master of diplomacy!, you always remained mum,
Sweetly smiling and watching, the sinful acts of the celestials.
Respecting their reputation, you chose an alternative,
To teach a lesson for those acts, which were sinfully bestial. [37]

That thousand headed serpent Sesha, in Lakshman's disguise,
Became your instrument, whom you used as your mace.
Who proved his sanctity of sonly devotion, for mother Sita,
When he recognized her anklets, but failed to do with necklace. [38]

O Rama! Without soiling your own hands, in direct preaching,
You used your brother, to give a blow on that preceptor's face.
Who failed to apply his moral teachings, in his very own life,
When he took his mother like Mamata, forcibly in his embrace. [39]

For the unpardonable habit of, eyeing on others' wives,
You killed Ravana giving a silent message, to Chandra-the moon.
Who had enjoyed his preceptor's wife, and fathered Budha,
That being the brother of Sri, saved his life acting like a boon. [40]

You revealed to this world, the secret of ultimate happiness,
That being devoted to only one wife, is the key to mental peace.
For fidelity is the pillar on which, a conjugal life sustains,
And evil adulterous desires give agonies, which would never cease. [41]

O Rama! I chopped off the ten heads of that Ravana, but failed,
Who defeats me with his sugarcane bow, since I'm not skilled like you.
Help me develop celibacy, and protect me under your grace,
And shoot him in his life spot, after beating him black & blue. [42]

Undoubtedly, I would choose Jatayu, as the most blessed soul,
Whom you sent to your abode, blessing him with salvation.
For he sacrificed his life, protecting the benign mother Sita,
And that death of his is rated, greater than the fruit of liberation. [43]

Righteousness & truth declined, and physically you walked here again,
Without lifting any weapon, you sent millions of sinners to hell.
O Narayana! You came here as Krishna, to bless the pious ones,
And to show the sinners what results when, a flutist blows his shell. [44]

Starting from the very childhood, you were a universal teacher,
You lifted and held the hill incessantly, for seven days & nights.
And gave a silent message to Indra, that there is no other calendar day or time,
When he can harm those refugees, who hug you close and tight. [45]

Reaching under the hind legs of cows, you suckled like a calf,
And asked us to learn that, she's our mother and not a beast.
Acting the role of a cowherd, you strictly instructed us that,
We should take her milk always, but not consume her for feast. [46]

Everyone got protection from you, who surrendered by faith,
And I'm not sure if you really deprived, the maidens of their dresses.
But I know you as the savior of Draupadi, when she was getting disrobed,
By the evil prince who dragged her to the court, by her tresses. [47]

Quitting at the beginning itself, to battle against his kith and kin,
When the hero in illusion, put his bow and weapons aside.
Then you took him out of illusion, with your discourse divine,
And your steeds were seen neighing, gearing up for the ride. [48]

Understanding Vedas and Upanishands, takes one's lifetime,
They're tough, have restrictions, and requires proper diction.
O Gopala! who can understand our pain points, better than you?
Your gift of Bhagwad Gita, speaks about your benediction! [49]

In your final verses of the Gita, what a compassion you shown!
You nullified all the rules for us, since we are zero in wisdom.
When you asked to leave everything, and simply surrender to you,
You said that was enough to qualify us, directly to your kingdom. [50]

Ramapati! Who is more considerate than you, in understanding pleas,
Whenever mother Earth's tears rolled down, you valued their worth.
At present your divine Kalagyana, is eliminating the sinners,
And finally as Kalki, you'd wipe out all sinners from Earth. [51]

Enough I've talked about your glories, O my father Vishnu!
But if you don't mind, let me reveal the secret of your kindness.
The compassion of your heart is, because of the presence of-
My mother Sri in your Srivatsa, and giving credits to you is actually blindness. [52]

Srihari! I seek your permission now, to unmask your facade,
Let me reveal all your secrets, which you've concealed till date.
I'm not sure why you do this, and why Saints didn't reveal this so far,
But your hide & seek has made your progeny, sit on the verge of ill fate. [53]

Narayana! O epitome of beauty! Saints keep singing about your handsomeness,
They sing praises on your looks, from every atom to every block.
But why don't you appear without crown, even while sleeping?
Were you afraid of the revelation, of your braided tresses and matted locks? [54]

O enchanter of the three worlds, with your appearance divine,
Where from did you gain this fame, and such a divine looks?
If it was true, that you're different from that great lord,
Who is called Satyam and Sundaram, by all the sacred books! [55]

They say you're white in Swetadweepa, bluish in Vaikuntha,
They also affirm seeing you, in Red and black somewhere.
If you're different from him, then why did you acquire those colors,
Which belong to the five faces, of that lord who's beyond compare? [56]

Have you heard of the famous idiom, 'Old habits die hard'?,
That great lord likes to cover his body, all over with snakes.
And out of obsession with that habit, you choose Sesha for bed,
But in this getup of Vishnu, you should've avoided such mistakes. [57]

Is there any difference my lord, in the mark on your forehead,
Which looks beautiful on your face, giving our eyes a treat?
I'm sure you glued the three lines at one end, and made them stand vertical,
Your illusion is powerful, but to my discerning eyes she fails to cheat. [58]

No wait! I just found another evidence, of your true form my Lord!,
There is a dot on the central line, in the middle of that mark.
It resembles the outline of, a vertically standing half closed eye,
Oh yes! How can you live, without your favorite trademark! [59]

Govinda! That gem called Kaustubha, which shines on your neck,
With its bluish glow, it gives your looks a new dimension.
But my lord Vishnu! This is something I'm very familiar with,
It's that blue throated lord in disguise, whose name i needn't mention. [60]

From the beginning of creation, you knew him as half male-half female,
You waited eagerly for your consort, to arrive from the ocean.
And placing her in your heart, you both became one like them,
Why are you so obsessed to imitate, instead of making your own notion? [61]

Right hand of yours spins, that ferociously powerful discus,
Which you had borrowed from, the same boon giving Lord.
Why didn't your dignity stop you, if you weren't his manifestation?
Had he not been your true form, then how dare he give you reward? [62]

O Narayana! It's that lord who is spread, as the 'Panchabhuta Lingas',
And what comprises this cosmos, apart from those five vital factors?
And you are called Vishnu, the all pervading omnipresent lord,
For exhibiting oneness in both his forms, I salute that supreme actor! [63]

My brain has ceased to understand, any change in your pastimes either,
He drank the poison of milky ocean, liberating the worlds from ruinous situation.
You too my lord being an infant, exhibited the same feat like him,
By drinking poison from Putna's milky breasts, and gave her liberation. [64]

You named yourself Madhava, to imitate his name Mahadeva,
You killed Mur and became Murari, to sound like Purari.
You incarnated as Vasudeva, to sound like Vamadeva,
Where is the difference, between you both, O my SriHari? [65]

On the battle ground when your brother, fell down unconscious,
His incarnation lifted the hill, and saved him from the defeater of Indra.
Did his feat of hill lifting, impress you so much my lord,
That you repeated the same exercise, to protect the villagers from Indra? [66]

Ultimately you were caught, when you wandered in exile,
When you're dressed in saffron with matted locks, holding the bow Kodanda.
Except for your complexion, and the mark on your forehead,
What else could tell you apart, from that wielder of bow Pinaka? [67]

Also when that lord who fathered, the elephant headed God,
Gave the post of being the General, to his mighty son Mahasena.
On similar lines you followed him, by appointing a general,
For your elephant headed army, and named him Viswaksena. [68]

Prahalada had a faith that, you exist everywhere in the world,
To protect the value of his words, you emerged from the Pillar.
Don't you feel you imitated, the signature style of that Lord,
Who comes to save his devotees, out of his phallic pillars? [69]

As the dwarf Vamana, when you appeared in Bali's land,
You covered the three worlds, with your form which was vast.
Was this feat not inspired from, the feat of that great lord,
who had displayed his infinite pillar, way back in the past? [70]

Really Krishna! Your innocence is beyond the limits of description,
As a child you gave gems & riches to an old lady, in exchange of fruits.
And you transformed the life of Sudama, for a handful of flat rice,
That's the well known essence of Bholenath, how did it come in your roots? [71]

Through the power of penance, a Yuga fire emanated from your mouth,
And destroyed the hills, reminding the saints of an incident in the past.
When that Tryambaka did the same, when his two eyes were closed,
Those saints realized you as he himself, and said there's no contrast [72]

Fanned by your words, that foremost devotee of yours-Arjuna,
Remained in your refuge always, for your promise of liberation.
But it was again that great lord, who gave salvation to Kannappa,
If your Gita can't be false, my words of Advaita can't be speculation. [73]

Raging with energy, O Vishnu!, your discus couldn't even scratch Mandara-
The son of Hiranyakashyap, due to Shiva's divine protection.
And in another battle, he gave way to Krishna to conquer Bana,
If you and Shiva were different, then how did he lose to your incarnation? [74]

O Narayana! O compassionate sustaining lord of the worlds,
Could anyone compose anything, on you without your grace?
If I succeeded to pass your message, that 'Shiva is himself Narayana',
If I met your expectations, then kindly take this child, back in your embrace. [75]

My father Narayana! The day, when you pull me back in your lap,
Being your loving son I'd fire all your associates, from their positions.
For the reason that none of them ever served, my dearest mother's feet,
And they only prayed her, when they needed material possessions. [76]

Your abode, O Mahavishnu! Is full of servants and devotees,
Who remain cunningly waiting; for a chance to serve, salute or greet.
My mother Lakshmi, with her soft hands dutifully serves you,
But I never heard of anyone, who'd sonly served her lotus feet. [77]

O SriHari! I see there no one exists, to take care of my beloved mother,
And my sonly love for mother Lakshmi, doesn't expect any riches or boons.
It's high time to cut my cycle of births and rebirths, my Lord!,
Pull back this infant of yours, and put him in Lakshmi's lap soon. [78]

Unambiguously, the way that Pasupati is himself the Gopala,
The same way I find no difference, in mother Parvati or mother Rama.
Being their infant I'm always cared, by these mothers of mine,
And I nurse on their love which is equal; in nature, taste and aroma. [79]

Really it pains me to think, why I wasn't chosen as your Lava or Kusa,
But again I feel good that, I wasn't a biological son of my mother Sita.
Reason for this fickleness is, I'd have died the moment she abandoned me,
And you would've failed to change my mind, even by preaching Gita [80]

Purushottama! You're called as, the caring father of everyone.
When my brother Dhruva Kumara, desired to sit in your lap,
Gracefully like a father, you took him in your lap per his desire.
And made him shine as the pole star, whose brightness would never lapse. [81]

And that reward pleased Dhruva, the innocent brother of mine,
But my lord, I don't possess such a great magnanimous heart.
I do not desire you to confer on me, any boons or any rewards,
I'm fragile and would die, if you & mother leave me, and ever depart. [82]

The way Brahma's son Narada, and Rudra's form Hanuman,
Chose to worship you; you and your forms worship Maheswara.
O my father Narayana! Your original form of Sadashiva attracts me,
Kindly bless me with unfading devotion, for both you and that Mahadeva. [83]

Every moment let my mind keep chanting, the name of Hara,
Every moment let my heart be focused, on the form of Hari.
Let my eyes see you everywhere, let my ears always hear your stories,
Make my breath the rhythm on which, let my lips chant Panchakshari [84]

Ramapati! My lord! Kindly protect me, from your son Kamadeva,
Let him never be able to target, to infect my body and mind.
Bless me with the power of celibacy, make me a sinless one,
Destroy all the seeds of desire, and make me pure hearted and kind. [85]

Never my eyes should ever cast, lustful glances on women,
Let my heart be full of spirituality and love, devoid of Kama.
Bless me with unbroken celibacy, for my entire lifetime,
But in case marriage is destined, show me the path of SriRama. [86]

All the time keep protecting me, from all kinds of filth,
Bless me to live like a lotus, even if surrounded by mud.
O my mother Lakshmi! Please stay in my heart, along with your consort,
Because you're the mother lotus, and I'm your smallest bud. [87]

Lakshmi Mata! Let me always be righteous, honest and wise,
Let me always behold you in Narayana, occupying his left half.
For me you and Vishnu, are the forms of my Ardhanareeshwara,
If I'm put to test, would you kindly save me, advocating on my behalf? [88]

Achyuta, my father! I've one important request to make!
Would you stop those ignorant devotees, who despise that supreme lord?
Would you kindly teach them the Tattwa, of your true form of Sadashiva?
And please save them from the sin, of calling Mahadeva a ''Demi God' [89]

Narayana! Always remain in the form of, baby Krishna, in my eyes,
Teach me all those pranks, that you played with mother Yashoda.
I wish to repeat the same acts, with my dearest Mother Lakshmi,
Let her beat me in exasperation, and respond motherly to my fake tears & cries. [90]

Damodara! Let me first pay my obeisances, to your devotees prior to you,
As worshiping a 'Bhagawata' is superior, than worshiping the Bhagawan.
Since they're the devotees, who popularize your glories worldwide,
And they stand as role models, giving us targets and action plan. [91]

My brother, Sesha! Accept the humble salutations of mine,
O possessor of a thousand hoods, O dweller of nether worlds.
It's you on whom my mother Earth rests, and sustains us,
You stay in Lord's constant company, your greatness is beyond my words. [92]

Accept my humble salutations, O my brother Vainateya!
O supreme vehicle of my father! O enemy of Kadru's progeny.
When you can stay in peace, with your enemy - the Sesha,
We humans should learn to develop, brotherhood and harmony. [93]

That great lord initially created you for himself, O Sudarshana!
And gifted it to SriHari, seeing his immense faith and devotion.
If you're spinning on Hari's finger, without feeling homesick,
That's enough to say, they are not different; accept my salutations! [94]

Every world and everywhere, you're seen, O great Narada!
It's your constant chants, which resonate in the universe.
I prostrate before you, bless me with the humility and faith,
Guide me to the right path, and then leave me to traverse. [95]

Rama's humble and wise devotee, O great lord Hanuman!
In strength, wisdom, music, devotion you're without a second.
Please accept my humble prostrations, on your lotus feet,
Teach me the best ways through which, I can spiritually ascend. [96]

Narayana's navel born son, O creator of the worlds, Brahma!
I prostrate flat on your lotus feet, please accept my salutations.
You're the consort of, my dearest and caring mother, Saraswati!
Accepting me as your infant, kindly convey to my mother, my prostrations. [97]

Accept the devotion of your son, O Lakshmi Narayana!
Allow me to circumambulate around you, O my dear parents.
The way my brother Ganesha did it once, around my parents in Kailasa,
I'm doing this only with love, not expecting merits even one percent. [98]

Let me touch your feet, O my dear parents, Hari-HariPriya!
Imagining you standing, in the form of ArdhaLakshmiNarayana.
I'd always like to prostrate, touching one foot of yours accordingly,
Bless this son of yours with, constant focus for Siva nama Parayana [99]

Let me hug your belly, O dear parents ArdhaLakshmiNarayana!
Always remember this son of yours, and never part with me,
Kindly pardon all the sins and offenses, happened in my past,
Reside in my Lotus heart, drinking the nectar of love like a bee. [100]

O Lord! Whosoever reads this hymn, with love or devotion,
Kindly grant him/her the things, which I would request.
And shower your grace, like a heavy rain of monsoon,
And protect him/her, even from the clasps of a tempest [101]

Very few would've the vision of oneness, between you and Shiva,
Bless the readers of this hymn, with that vision divine.
Let their evils get destroyed, let their minds become pure,
Let them become advanced spiritually, let their glories shine. [102]

Everyone who reads this hymn, should get your parental love,
Should be dear to your heart, and become apple of your eyes.
Route them to their desired destination, Kailasa or Vaikuntha,
Give them salvation there, make their glories rent the skies. [103]

Finally; accept this hymn, written by your dear infant Santosh,
Which I humbly offer to your lotus feet, binding as an anklet.
So that when you walk, it would start ringing this hymn,
Reminding you of me always, so that you'd never forget. [104]

O Narayana! Please find no faults, and accept this hymn as it is,
It's full of imperfections, but kindly don't compare or test.
Accept this hymn, as the absurd but cute noises of your infant,
Who's expressing his gratitude in his words, while suckling at Lakshmi's breast. [105]

Ramesha! I would not expect, anything in return for myself,
Also I do not glance at, mother Lakshmi's downpouring Gold.
All I want is love from you, which would feed my emotions,
Always let your fatherly love multiply, and become manifold. [106]

My mother Lakshmi! I know how dearly you love this son, but,
All I want is, declare my name "LakshmiPutra", in the entire macrocosm.
And calling me your own son, gladden this infant of yours,
Keep me cuddled in your lap forever, feeding the nectar of your bosom. [107]

Everything you gave for my body, but I'm originally a soul,
What luxuries does a soul need, as this is still your infant!
Hence I urge you, to join the initials of each paragraph,
To know what exactly I need from you, each and every instant. [108]

कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियेर्वा, बुध्यात्मनावा प्रकृते स्वभावात्,
करोमि यद्यत सकलं परस्मै,सदाशिवयेति समर्पयामि,
ॐ तत् सत्

Whatever I do with my body, Whatever I do with my mind, Whatever I do with my brain, Whatever I do with my soul, And whatever I do with nature's help!
I offer all that I do, To Lord Sadashiva.
Om! That is the truth.