Sunday, February 21, 2010

GouMata Vilaapam


I have always loved Cows. I love serving Cows, milking them, drinking their milk and taking care of them. Gomata is my very cute, innocent and loving Dhatri. I never call Gomata (Cow) an Animal. She is a four legged Angel for me. She is a mother goddess. Even in Vedas and Puranas it has been described that 33 crores of Gods, goddesses dwell in a cow. Cow is indeed divine. In Mahabharata when someone asked Yudhisthira where can one find Amrit (ambrosia) on earth. He replied saying it exists in cows' milk.

This is my tribute to GoMata. Today (Feb 21st 2010) thoughts of Gomata made me overflow with emotions and the below poem was the end result. Before writing this poem, i prayed Gomata and all my gods and goddesses to support me with enough words to pen down my feelings correctly. I wish Gomata could read/understand my poem and feel my love for her!!

Gomata! The four legged divine mother of all beings, kindly accept this poem which has come directly from my heart!

गौमाता विलापम | Goumata Vilaapam
(The cry of the mother cow)

Son! I've never asked you anything
But today want to speak out my heart
Can i buy some moment of your busy life
And set myself to start? [1]

I'm the Gomata, you possessed for several years
I'm the same, your very old mother cow
Who used to be worshiped in Vedas
And reverence used to put all heads to bow [2]

I never complained, when you separated my calf
And you took for yourself, whole of my milk
I always slept on damp and muddy floor
But never asked you a bed or a pillow of silk [3]

Did you ever notice, the tears of my calf
And my heart crying in pain?
You didn't, because you're only interested in
My products, and were thoughtful of 'what else to gain' [4]

Still then, i always thought and considered
You, as my very own little child
And fed you with all my milk, out of love
And always remained gentle, loving and mild [5]

Despite my bad health conditions or my will
Every year, you used to get me bred
So that i remain always full and useful
as a perpetual milk machine, under your shed [6]

I never had any problem, for you drinking my milk
Or making use of it in some cuisine
But i expected you to be gentle to my udder since
It was my softest organ and not any lifeless machine [7]

You were always joyful, thinking of future gains
Whenever i happened to produce a female
But when once it was a bull from me, you disliked
Frowned, and put my dear kid on sale! [8]

After serving you for so many years, my Master!
When finally i dried up and grew old
Instead of thanking me for all my services
You increased my heart's pain to manifold [9]

I neither asked you costly food and comforts
Nor i expected flowers for my worship
All i wanted from you in my old age was, a supporting shoulder
A gentle kiss on my forehead and a lifelong friendship [10]

From the four teats of mine, i bestow,
Four divine boons Dharma, Artha, kaama, and Salvation
I contain thirty three classes of Gods within myself
To liberate, what else do i need than a loving salutation? [11]

But with your strategic business mind, you felt,
Feeding an old, barren mother was useless
But did you ever try to reminisce, who sustained you
And your business, with a service which was priceless? [12]

Finally i suffered, an intolerable pain in my heart
When without a second thought, you sold me to a butcher
Walked back happily with the money you made
And thinking about my grown calf, to make your next future [13]

Ah, my child! i heard a cry from somewhere,
It is a familiar voice; tell me was that you?
Did you say "where are you speaking from, my mother
I repent, need you back, and want to see you too"? [14]

O my dear master, though you realized your mistake
And understood my love now, but it's too late
I am narrating my story from inside your stomach
in the form of predigested dinner, that you just ate [15]

I neither hate you for anything, my dear master!
Nor i would ever consider you a sinner
Even though you sold me to a slaughter house
Got me killed and had me in your dinner [16]

Because, to you i might have always seemed like
A machine of dairy products, for delicious food
But my child, you failed to understand the simple fact
I always see you as my infant suckling at me for good! [17]

Benefits/Phala Stuti:-

I pray to the celestial cow 'Mother Surabhi' and request her to accept this poem written by this insignificant poet 'Santosh' (her son) as words spoken by her child which remain meaningless to others but still gets clearly understood by the mother. I request goddess Surabhi to bless this Stotra (which is in English) with the boon that whosoever reads this with full devotion for Gomata and feels overflowing feelings for the cow, thinking her as the mother; He/She should get freed of all the sins including Go-Hatya Maha Patakam and may he/she get liberation in that very same life by the grace of lord Vishnu/Lord Shiva in Vaikuntha/Kailasha!!

Tathastu....!! Tathastu...!! Tathastu...!!

My Heart Pains (Actual reason behind the above Poem):-

Randomly I came across the following Video in Youtube which shattered my heart and my feelings for the Mother cow. In this video, a person (i don't want to use the word 'human') milks a slaughtered and dead cow till it's last drop of milk is obtained.
May god bless him with sadbuddhi (wisdom), love for fellow creatures and may such incidents never happen in future. I don't blame any particular religion, religion never teaches anything wrong. It's all about human perception, thinking and nature. So all these factors if found infected with dirt, they can definitely be cleansed ...just a bit of effort or kick start is needed....May god bless everyone with goodwill and compassion for all fellow creatures.

Video Link: Milking After Kurbani